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Air Transit Hobo T.F. Campbell

Air Transit Hobo

T.F. Campbell

Published April 1st 2005
ISBN : 9781420824285
124 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jaffy Thomas is the Air Transit Hobo, a globetrotting affable chameleon who lives beyond borders. JT is as suave and dangerous as Ian Flemings James Bond, as foolishly dashing but cool as Indiana Jones, as cold at times as Sam Spade, as reliable as Tom Clancys Jack Ryan, as righteous as Walter Mosleys Ezekiel Easy Rowlins, as crafty as Frank Abengnale and as lucky and unfettered as Luke Skywalker n Hans Solo. Lovable Jaffy n son Jason are the tag team sleuths of a new millennia, along with JTs fictional heroine, Laila la Gecko Hernandez and little brother Jesus. They are the hippest in new world crime fighting heroes. Team Thomas treks the planet in jiggy gigolo style from Rio to Bangkok, while based in New York and Johannesburg where their main dames, Phoebe and her baby sister Sarah stay, protected by main man Rudy. This neo-swashbuckling cliff-hanging commuter series, introduces a fresh, exciting, rapidly moving genre for rapid transit readers. It has poetic meter and its chuck-full of innuendos, alliterations and double-entendres, to keep you hanging on every word.