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Dragons Court Joanna Makepeace

Dragons Court

Joanna Makepeace

Published 1998
ISBN : 9780263812374
255 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The man she loved, but couldnt marryAfter watching her father pay a steep price for his allegiance to the deposed Richard III, Anne Jarvis vowed to find a peaceful life with a simple man who had no political leanings. Undercover agent for the crown Dickon Allard didnt fit that bill, though as he escorted her to London, Anne couldnt imagine how bleak her world would be without him.She thought that her time at Court as lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth would make her forget him. But as political mayhem ensued, Anne prepared herself for the turmoil she had to face...and the battle she would wage to protect her love!