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Blood Circus Amanda Burke

Blood Circus

Amanda Burke

Kindle Edition
209 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Ringrose Circus used to be a place filled with real magic, a safe haven for those born with supernatural powers. Night after night paying patrons would witness amazing feats of wonder and muse at how spectacular it all was. They were unaware that what they were seeing was real magic with the members of Ringrose, known as Leading Lights, able to actually do what they were passing off as mere skill.That’s how it used to be anyway when it was under the control of ringmaster Garnet Jackson.Now Garnet’s oldest son Drake is at the helm.A man filled with pure evil and spite, he has turned the circus into a dark place full of smut, depravity and violence.Years before Drake got rid of his younger half brother Gabriel, the real heir apparent to the role of ringmaster and the most magical child that had ever been born under the big top.Drake’s actions sentenced the young Gabe to a life on the run with no clue about who he is and where he belongs.Through a combination of circumstance and fate, Gabe suddenly finds himself catapulted back into the lives of the exiled Leading Lights where he falls in love with a beautiful aerial silk display artist named Willow. He also learns who he really is and with the help of his new friends he plans to take back the circus and return it to the light.