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The Moon in Fact and Fancy Alfred Slote

The Moon in Fact and Fancy

Alfred Slote

Published 1976
123 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book is called The Moon in Fact and Fancy. And that is exactly what it is about. Since time began, the storyteller and the scientist have shared the same materials--the world about them. Both told the truth as they saw it.While the storytellers explanations of the universe have not stood the tests of time and science, they have endured as beautiful tales with deep human values.The scientists quest is the same as the storytellers: to understand and explain the unknown. His methods are different. He seeks out the facts as they are, not as he would like them to be or guesses them to be.Yet as he probes deeper and deeper into the unknown, his theories will enter the realm of fancy.So lets explore the moon together, guided by storyteller and scientist, by Beauty and Knowledge. Two better companions youll never find.