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Its All God, The Flowers and the Fertilizer Eron Howell-Starcke

Its All God, The Flowers and the Fertilizer

Eron Howell-Starcke

Published February 10th 2013
Kindle Edition
258 pages
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 About the Book 

In his best-selling classic, Its All God, modern mystic, Walter Starcke bridges the gap between our humanity and Divinity, as well as our traditional limited perspectives and our emerging Cosmic Consciousness.With the insight of a biblical scholar, Starcke clarifies the foundational Truths of our Judeo-Christian tradition, as he takes humanitys spiritual roots forward into the light of the new state of human consciousness that is emerging today. His masterful knowledge of Scriptures unlocks the truths laid out in both the Old and New Testament not found in other metapshyical books. Starcke calls us to no longer separate God from our humanity and the world. With this awareness we understand that the teachings of Jesus have not been fully realized until now as humanity begins the new cycle of the Age of the Gods.The awareness that Its All God is a requirement for living fully in this new Age of the Gods, which is this Golden Cycle we have just begun.Starcke wrote that, we have been given all the pieces, each necessary, none missing, and if we want to complete the picture it is up to us to stop excluding those parts of ourselves and of our feelings that we have thought did not belong in the picture. If God is truly the only Power and Presence, then every piece, no matter how seemingly negative, insignificant, or inappropriate, has a purpose. Instead of discarding those aspects of ourselves that seem faulty or unworthy, when we stop judging them and see what they are telling us, we can find a right place for those energies and then we can complete the puzzle.In Part One his in-depth knowledge takes us from the traditional approach through the Gnostics, to clear in-sights on the teachings of Jesus and Paul. Uniquely Starcke relates these teachings to modern Quantum Physics and the evolution of Consciousness. Starcke is not only a Biblical scholar, but also well versed in the workings of consciousness, perceptions, and reality. Part One also includes Starckes marvelous mystical insights and meditations.In Part Two of Its All God, Starcke gives us the how tos of practical mysticism to apply Divine Truth to our daily lives. No matter where a reader is on the path, he will find the steps to greater awareness and the clarification of the puzzle humanity has been working on for countless lifetimes. We are all on the right path at the right time. The time is Now. These how tos are not superficial, they require that we come to understand our True Self and live the Truth of our Being.In part three Starcke takes us beyond our customary perspective into the realms of Higher Consciousness. These take us clearly into the new cycle, The Age of the Gods.The realization that Its All God is the key to spiritual healing, true transformative forgiveness, and the daily expression of our Divine humanity. It is a book whose time has come. We are now ready as never before to delve into its insights and live its Truths. Its All God is required reading for many ministerial programs and should now be require reading for us all to live fully during this new cycle far beyond 2012. Starcke was not only ahead of his time, but a master for all Ages with tools for the rest of our journey in awareness as we live fully as Divine Humans.